Dental Implants Abroad

Dental implants are the most popular choice to replace missing teeth. Choosing to have your treatment abroad can save you thousands.

Find out how much you can save by having treatment abroad:

Dental implants are placed in order to replace one or multiple missing teeth. A single implant can also be used to replace multiple teeth at once. The number of implants you need is determined by the density of your jaw bone.

Dental implants are extremely popular as they look and feel like a natural tooth. Implants enhance your smile and are permanent which means you can enjoy all your favourite foods again. Your new smile will also provide new found confidence. They are also hassle free and there’s nothing to take out at night.

An implant is made up of a metal post which holds a crown. The metal post is normally composed of titanium which fuses with your jaw bone forming a root. Implants are built to look, function and feel like a natural tooth and can last a lifetime.

Why do patients choose dental implants?

Dental implants are the treatment of choice for missing teeth, reasons include:

Appearance – implants look and feel just like your natural teeth
Speech – your voice will sound the same, unlike alternatives like dentures which can make your voice sound slurred or different so you’ll feel more confident socially
Comfort – fixed and permanent for comfort and convenience
Dining – enjoy the confidence to have all your favourite meals without pain and worrying about feeling self conscious
Confidence – enhance your smile so you can look and feel your best – your smile is an asset
Health – implants can improve your oral health without impacting other nearby teeth
Lasting – care for your implants and they can last a lifetime
Convenience – your implants are fixed so there’s no need to remove or put back in

Are There Other Options?
Other less popular options include false teeth or removable dentures or bridges. A bridge is a false tooth or set of false teeth which are fixed onto your own teeth.

The Treatment Process
You will first request your fee consultation using our enquiry form above. We can then discuss your requirements and treatment plan. We will arrange for you to provide x-rays if available or you can attend our clinic for your consultation appointment.

We will prepare a full treatment plan and quotation that meets your requirements. Dental implants are suitable for most adults. You need to have healthy gums and sufficient bone to hold the implants. We will list your treatment plan by stage and you can also look forward to travelling to our clinic in Hungary. Many patients report that this is a nice break and also a chance to relax and recharge.

We will provide a full all inclusive price which will show you just how much you can save by having treatment abroad. This frequently adds up to thousands of pounds.

Your actual surgery times can vary and can be completed in one or more than one visit. This depends on patient requirements, in addition to the quality and density of you jawbone which can reduce treatment times. If a patient has a low density jaw bone then greater care and time must be taken to ensure desired results are achieved.

Placement surgery is where dental implants are placed. An anaesthetic will be administered and an incision made, a hole will then be drilled for the implant. If you are having any teeth removed, your implant may be able to be placed at the same time. Sedation can be used for nervous patients. Our surgery times are usually between one and two hours.

The tooth root which resembles a screw is fabricated from titanium and is placed into the bone below the missing tooth. As your jaw bone heals, it will grow around the titanium implant which then securely anchors it into your jawbone. Patients can expect the healing process to last from 6 weeks to 6 months.

After the implant has been fitted, a small component called an abutment is attached. This will hold your new tooth in place, which is called a crown. Our dental laboratory will produce your crown based on impressions and scans taken. The colour of your crown will be matched to your teeth.

Your implants can be fitted as a one step implants where your implant rod and abutment are both fitted at the same time. Or your implants can be fitted as a two stage implants where firstly the implant rod is fitted and placed below your gum. Then once your bone has healed up you will have another appointment during which time your abutment and crown will be placed. Artificial teeth can be fitted on a same day basis or you may have to wait for healing. If you need to wait for healing then a temporary bridge or denture can be fitted so that aesthetically no gaps will be present.

Are There Any Risks Or Complications?
Dental implant treatments are advanced and backed with a proven track record over decades. For these reasons implants are safe and an established treatment of choice for missing teeth worldwide. However every procedure can carry a small risk of complication. These can include swelling, discomfort or bleeding. Some patients can also react to the anaesthetic. Occasionally the implant does not fuse correctly with the jaw bone and may become loose. In this instance a replacement implant would be fitted.

Our expert team can advise on pain relief if required. After your surgery is complete your replacement teeth should look and feel the same as your natural teeth and you can look forward to all the advantages of dental implants. You’ll then need to care for your implants to ensure lasting results. This is simply by following a good oral care routine on a daily basis and regular dental appointments.

What Are Same Day Teeth?
Same day implant teeth is where a patient has an implant fitted on the same day, including all the preparation work such as extraction. Patients would still need to have a consultation prior to this.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?
Implants are available privately which is why many patients choose to have treatment abroad due to significant cost savings, often adding up to thousands in savings, even after travel and accommodation costs. Implants can also be cheaper in the long term when compared to other options such as bridges and dentures, as well as having greater benefits aesthetically and socially.

Treatment In London And Budapest Hungary
Our expert dental implant teams are ready to answer all your questions and provide you with a full treatment plan and custom pricing. We provide travel and accommodation assistance to our patients who seek treatment abroad. We look forward to welcoming you.

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